Monday, December 22, 2008

Review: Rhodia Notepads

Have you ever looked and felt a notebook and said, "I'm going to enjoy writing in this one," if so then you know how I felt about the sample notebooks I received from Karen at Exaclair to review. First ones up are the Rhodia Pads we have the Bloc Rhodia N 14 (4.3 x 6.7in), and the Staple bound Graph Pad-Black (looks like a mini-notebook at 3 x 4 3/4in).
I really enjoy graph paper in notebooks because it helps me focus on my writing, makes me try to keep my writing small and contained in the boxes, and I save paper!

If you haven't had the chance to feel/use the paper in the Rhodia notebooks, telling you its smooth is an understatement! The pages also hold ink very will and I experienced very little bleed through when I wrote this review using my Platinum Preppy Fountain pen from Jetpens. These notebooks make great gifts you can find them in your local Art Stores or online at

Bloc Rhodia N 14 info:
- 80g acid-free white vellum paper - 21.3lb
- 80 sheets
- Perforated pages for easy removal
- Cover folds over the back, which helps when taking notes

Staple bound Graph Pad-Black info:
- Card covers coated and waterproof
- 80g acid-free white vellum paper - 21.3lb
- 48 pages 24 sheets

* Size comparison with the Staple bound Graph Pad-Black and Field Notes Memo Book.


Office Supply Geek said...

Very nice review, you just convinced me to go put the first strokes of my Rhodia that I had not tried before today. Now I see what you mean about the smooth paper first hand.

cooknice said...

@Office- your very welcome to be honest this was my first time using those journals and I was very impressed; I hope you enjoy yours. :)

Speedmaster said...

Good review, I like the Rhodia stuff too.

Superpooky said...

Rhodia paper really is smooth and a joy to write on. The Bloc pads aren't that expensive but they are so useful. I haven't come across one of their stapled notebooks in the shops yet but they look cool too.