Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review: Pentel EnerGel Pen

I picked up the Pentel EnerGel Needle-Point Liquid Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Violet from JetPens, the description stated its a top choice for lefties (which I'm one of) because of the quick drying ink. It's ascetically please and has a great grip. I have to say I used this pen about four - five times.

Description from the site:

The best qualities of liquid ink and gel ink pens are blended into a super smooth ink formula in the new Pentel EnerGel Needle-Point pen. The pen comes in vivid colors that dry quickly and are smear proof. The pen is wonderful for left-handers. Its acid-free ink makes it safe for scrap booking!

Now on to the issues, I really wanted to like this pen but it's extremely inconsistent, which is the reason why I've only used it five times tops. It starts off with a good clean line of ink, dries quickly, and three words into your thoughts the ink dies. I was able to resurrect it once before, now I think it might be dead... Maybe I just got a bad pen and you might have better luck.

*Pictures taken from JetPens.com


dowdyism said...

I had the same trouble as you did with the needle tip. That actually turned me off of the Energel for a while, but the traditional model is much more consistent.

cooknice said...

Thanks for the comments I might have to check out the traditional model.