Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: Hero 616 Fountain Pen

Here's a quick picture post of some new fountain pens that I purchased to test out ink colors and to have a everyday fountain pen. I got this pack from eBay, for a little less then $11 including shipping & handling so they cost me about $1.10 a piece. :D

I'll have some reviews on inks coming soon.


Nrepose said...

Were you ever able to get these filled with your sample inks? I have been wanting to order some of these myself. You wouldn't be interested in selling a couple or in a trade would you? Nr

cooknice said...

Hey Nr- I haven't tried filling with the sample inks yet, but I think the idea you gave me will work. A trade would have been great but they all have been claimed as gifts.

Nrepose said...

No problem. I'm sure 9 people are going to be very happy. Good luck with the ink. Nr